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Lena Wahlberg

Lena Wahlberg is Doctor of Laws and Associate Senior Lecturer in jurisprudence with special focus on medical law at the Faculty of Law, Lund University. Her research centers mainly on problems that emerges in the border areas of law and other disciplines, e.g. the legal regulation of health and medical care. Her dissertation Legal Questions and Scientific Answers: Ontological Differences and Epistemic Gaps in the Assessment of Causal Relations, a cross disciplinary project (jurisprudence and theoretical philosophy) which analyzed to which extent scientific information is relevant when assessing causal relations in legal matters, awarded her with a LL.D. in 2010. Since then she has, in collaboration with other researchers in legal science and psychology, investigated how so-called ad hominem arguments function in the legal assessment of evidence. Recent publications on that topic include “Appeal to Expert Testimony - A Bayesian Approach” (in Argument Types and Fallacies in Legal Argumentation, Springer, 2015, co-authored), “Robust Trust in Expert Testimony” (Humana.Mente, 2015, co-authored), and “Prototype Effect and the Persuasiveness of Generalizations” (Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 2015, co-authored).

Since the start of 2015, Wahlberg is part of the international and interdisciplinary research program “Science and Proven Experience” (VBE) which aims to clarify the meaning of the concept science and proven experience, and to create a model to facilitate legal assessments of medical evidence. The project finishes in 2020. Alongside her research, Wahlberg teaches jurisprudence, health and medical care law, and the doctoral course “Theoretical Foundations for Doctoral Studies in Law.” She is also a member of the Regional Ethical Review Board (REPN) in Lund and chair of the gender equality and equal opportunities committee at the Faculty of Law, Lund University.

Contact: lena.wahlberg@jur.lu.se


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