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Patricia Mindus

Patricia Mindus is President of the Swedish section of IVR and Associate Professor (docent) and Senior Lecturer in practical philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University. With her dissertation Citizenship. The Debate, the Concept and the European Case, she was awarded a Ph.D. in political theory and EU studies from the University of Turin. She is the author of Cittadini e no. Forme e funzioni dell’inclusione e dell’esclusione [Citizens and Non-Citizens. Forms and Functions of Inclusion and Exclusion] (Firenze University Press, 2015) and A Real Mind. The Life and Work of Axel Hägerström (Springer, 2009). Her research interests include the philosophy of law, political philosophy, citizenship studies, democratic theory and ICT studies.


From 2014 to 2019, as Wallenberg Academy Fellow, Mindus directs the research project CIVIS SUM on rule of law practices on the route to EU citizenship. She has previously co-directed the project “Knowledge Societies: Communication and Organization 1800-2020” (KUSKO) at Uppsala University. In 2015 she was plenary speaker at the IVR World Congress in Washington, DC and at the García Máynez lectures at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).






- The 29th IVR World Congress "Dignity, Democracy, Diversity" will take place in Lucerne, Switzerland from 7-13 July 2019.


- On August 24th 2017 the conference "Evidence, Disagreement & Rights" will take place at Uppsala University. Contact and registration: Sebastian Reyes Molina.


- Sebastián Reyes Molina has been appointed treasurer in IVR Sweden.


- The XXVIII IVR World Congress will be held in Lisbon 17-21 July 2017


- The next annual conference of IVR Sweden will be held in Karlstad on 8-9 May 2017. Read the programme.


- The section in Philosophy of Law of the Philosophy Days 2017 in Uppsala is now open. Send your abstract before April 15 to present your research in August 2017. Read more on registration and abstracts.


- IVR XXVIIIth World Congress originally planned in Istanbul will not take place. See Letter by the President of International IVR.


- Special issue published on European New Legal Realism in Retfaerd Nordic Journal of Law and Justice (Vol. 39, No 4, 2016) ed. Elisabeth Eneroth


- Filosofidagarna, a major event for philosophers in Sweden, will be held in Uppsala on 25-27 August 2017. We are launching a section of Philosophy of Law! Brian Leiter will give the key-note. Call for abstracts will be online soon, you are very welcome to present your research at this event.


- Two new PhD students in Philosophy of Law are starting in 2017 at The Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University: Elena Prats and Tommaso Braida will work in the project Civis Sum.


- Two new doctoral students started working in Jurisprudence at Gothenburg University: Kristina Hultegård and David Jivegård.


- (NB cancelled, see announcement above) Next IVR World Congress is scheduled to be held in Istanbul 17-21 July 2017. IVR Sweden has issued a communication that has been sent to the International IVR.



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