Call for Abstracts - annual meeting 2024

The Annual meeting will take place in Lund the 23rd - 24th of May. There is a possiblity to send a short abstract (title and three sentences) to Christian Dahlman (christian.dahlman@jur.lu.se) by March 31st the latest if you'd like to present the 24th of May. If you like to attend the conference without presenting please sign up by April 20th the latest.  

Annual meeting

The Annual meeting for 2024 is to be held in Lund, May 23-24. Please save the date. 

Upcoming defense

Elena Prats is defending her thesis The Value of Values –A Critical Assessment of Citizenship by Investment Programs in the European Union.


The thesis is now available on Diva. The defense is scheduled for December 1st (Friday) at 10:15 in Sal VIII (Main University Building of Uppsala University).

The Annual meeting of IVR Sweden 2023 to be hold in Gothemburg,

May 2nd - 3rd.  

Dissertation in jurisprudence – Caroline Gardelli

Caroline Gardelli is defending her thesis February 17th at Luleå University of Technology. The defense will be held in Swedish.

For more information, see


What Is IVR Sweden?

IVR Sweden is a non-profit association. Its purpose is to further scientific exchange and cooperation within the philosophy of law and social philosophy in accordance with fundamental scientific principles of openness, conciseness and clarity. IVR Sweden is the Swedish section of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR), founded in Berlin 1909. The association is open for membership to individuals from all scholarly disciplines.



Åsa Ågren will defende her thesis in jurisprudence  june 14th, at Karlstad University. 




The defense is available on zoom. Link will be provided via the site above. 

-Annual meeting 2023 will take place in Gothemburg. More information to be annonced later. 


-In solidarity with our colleagues in Ukraine, and with the Ukrainian people, we – the Swedish section of IVR – condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Thus, we support the polish section of IVRs statement which is published on their home page and on the IVR blog.

The statement of Presidium of the Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy – Polish Section of IVR
on the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine
On behalf of the community of the Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy – Polish Section of IVR, we condemn the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. This unlawful attack on the sovereign state finds no rational justification and entails the destruction, suffering of the civilian population and the death of innocent people. We express our solidarity with the whole Ukrainian nation, and in particular with Ukrainian academic circles. We acknowledge the right of the Ukrainian nation, being a full member of the European family of nations, to live in a free, independent and safe country.

- The annual meeting 2022 will take place in Luleå 4-5 april.

- The North Sea Groups evening seminars on The Philosophical Foundations of Evidence Law will continue every tuesday night during the autumn. Please contact Christian Dahlman Christian Dahlman for more information. 

- Uppsala are announcing their seminars during the fall: 

Thursday 16 September 18:15-19:30

Anna-Lisa Pelizza (Univ. Bologna)

Processing Alterity, Enacting Europe


Contact person: Mattias Vesterlund



Wednesday 29 September kl. 15-17

Torben Spaak (SU) and Patricia Mindus (UU)

The Cambridge Companion to Legal Positivism

Contact person:  Minna Gräns


Wednesday 20 October kl. 13-19.30

International Conference

The Refugee Convention – 70 years on

Thomas Spijkenboer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Title t.b.d.

Maja Jarmyr (Oslo), On the Role of Non-signatory States

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen (Centre for International Courts, Copenhagen), Legal Evolution and the 1951 Convention

Katia Bianchini (Max Plank Institute, Halle), Adjudicating Asylum Claims based on non-Western Traditional Beliefs

Ash Amin (Cambridge), Xenophobic Nationalism

Contact person: Mattias Vesterlund


Thursday 21 October kl. 13-15

The Lack of Right to have Rights of Detained Stateless Persons

Tommaso Braida (Uppsala Universitet)

Contact person: Tommaso Braida



Thursday 18 November kl. 14-16

Who is the Refugee?

Maria Bexelius (Uppsala Universitet)

Contact person: Tommaso Braida


-  The Annual meeting of IVR 2022 will take place in Luleå. Date and more information  TBA.