Patricia Mindus

Patricia Mindus

Patricia Mindus is President of the Swedish section of IVR and Professor in Practical Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University. With her dissertation Citizenship. The Debate, the Concept and the European Case, she was awarded a Ph.D. in political theory and EU studies from the University of Turin. She is the author of Cittadini e no. Forme e funzioni dell’inclusione e dell’esclusione [Citizens and Non-Citizens. Forms and Functions of Inclusion and Exclusion] (Firenze University Press, 2015) and A Real Mind. The Life and Work of Axel Hägerström (Springer, 2009). Her research interests include the philosophy of law, political philosophy, citizenship studies, democratic theory and ICT studies.

From 2014 to 2019, as Wallenberg Academy Fellow, Mindus directs the research project CIVIS SUM on rule of law practices on the route to EU citizenship. She has previously co-directed the project “Knowledge Societies: Communication and Organization 1800-2020” (KUSKO) at Uppsala University. In 2015 she was plenary speaker at the IVR World Congress in Washington, DC and at the García Máynez lectures at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).



- The annual meeting of IVR Sweden will take place in Linköping the 27th - 28th of August. Save the Date. More information to come. 

- Patricia Mindus is promoted to Professor of Practical Philosophy at Uppsala University, the first woman in that position since 1477 when the University was founded.

- Patricia Mindus publishes the book Hacia una teoría funcionalista de la ciudadanía

- IVR Sweden holds its annual conference in Stockholm, May 23-24, 2019. Read invitation and programme.

- The "Cambridge Companion to Legal Positivism Conference 2" is held in i Stockholm on April 22-25, 2019. Read programme.

- Programme, spring 2019, for the joint Uppsala and Stockholm Seminar in Philosophy of Law

- The IVR 29th world congress, "Dignity, Democracy Diversity", issues a CfP. Deadline for abstracts is December 31, 2018. The congress is held in Lucerne, 7-13 July 2019.

- A PhD dissertation defence of interest in Philosophy of Law at Stockholm University on October 12, 2018: Jasmina Nedevska Törnqvist, Why Care About Future People’s Environment?

- Call for Papers to The Finnish-Swedish PhD Conference on Legal Reasoning, in Finland, December 7-8, 2018